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About Angel's Caulking

Angel’s Caulking, a division of Ecumex Construction and Services Ltd, was founded in 2002 by Angel Villacres with the vision to be the most trusted and the best caulking company. Working in the construction industry since 2000, Angel reinforced his knowledge in the construction industry by obtaining a certification in Civil Engineering Design and Technology.

Angel’s extensive knowledge in the construction industry as well as his team’s, will give you the assurance that Angel’s Caulking is the right choice for your investment.



Our mission is to provide you with the best service for the best price.

Remember that even the best weatherproofing systems are only as good as their installers. Protect your project by only hiring the best. As opposed to other companies,  we don’t subcontract our projects.  Every project is done and supervised by professionals. As proof of that, we have been subcontracted to work with the most reputable builders in the GTA and many homeowners that have trusted our quality and services. We are fully insured. We offer competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of our job and the quality of materials used. As proof of that we offer a 10 year warranty in residential re-caulking services and materials we provide. Your satisfaction, and keeping a long-term relationship with you is our goal.

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