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Streetscape in The Orchard in Burlington (Appleby Line near Dundas) showing wide-shallow houses on 36-foot by (typically) 85-foot lots. Joselito Pagsisihan (with white dog)has been living in the house since family 1999, so has Jack Chabowski (leaning on post in his back yard). They both strongly prefer the wide-shallow architecture to the traditional narrower, deeper lot because it makes garages unobtrusive. (Photo by Elvira Cordileone/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


Protect your home against water (extreme heat/cold), moisture and insect damages that are very common with the openings and cracks between joints along windows, doors and aluminum sidings.


Low-Rise/High-Rise Buildings

We are fully insured and trained to do any high-rise or low-rise project. We do any interior or exterior work.



Commercial and Industrial structures rely heavily on joint sealants to prevent damages to the structures and their contents.

Our services

At Angel's Caulking we specialize in all caulking services and sealant applications. We do any new construction, renovations and existing structures.

Our services include:


Smoke seal



More details

*Precast panels                                                                         *Block wall
*Brick work                                                                                 *Window frame
*Silicone-washrooms, counter tops, baseboards            *Ceramic tiles
*Panels                                                                                         *Pool joints
*Glazing seal                                                                              *Smoke seal
*Firestopping (Insulation, foam, Demising walls)            *Flashing
*Entry Doors                                                                               *Exterior Light Fixtures
*Masonry                                                                                     *Stucco
*Patios, driveways, sidewalks                                                *Parking lots
*Expansion & Control Joints                                                   *Granite,Marble
*Glass curtain wall systems                                                   *Precast









Buildings, Houses



Buildings, Renovations













Concrete Slab

Concrete Slab



Angel’s Caulking, a division of Ecumex Construction and Services Ltd., was founded in 2002 by Angel Villacres with the vision to be the most trusted and the best caulking company. Working in the construction industry since 2000, Angel reinforced his knowledge in the construction industry by getting a certification in Civil Engineering Design and Technology.

Angel’s extensive knowledge in the construction industry as well as his team’s, will give you the assurance that Angel’s Caulking is the right choice for your investment.


These are words that define our services. With more than 15 years  of experience in the caulking and weatherproofing industry we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry, through innovative ideas that keep our company moving forward delivering always the best service.

Serving all Toronto and the GTA, our team works closely with clients to create the best outcome and solution for our clients’ needs.

At Angel’s Caulking we never sacrifice quality over quantity. All our jobs have a 10-year material and labour warranty and we always make sure you are satisfied with our job or else we aren’t.


Bathroom caulking

M. Boush

“Angels caulked 2 bathrooms. The work was precise and service attentive. I really appreciated the proactive communication leading up to the job. I could tell right away that they knew what they were doing and wanted to get it right.”

Bathtub Caulking


“Angel’s Caulking did a fantastic job. Within an hour, she re-caulked my entire bathtub and a part of my sink. It looks fantastic, and brand new. Not to mention they cleaned the space afterwards. Very happy with the work and I highly recommend.”

Stucco caulking

Arthur C.

“Angel and his crew did an amazing job doing the caulking on a stucco. Angel was very knowledgeable and communicative about all the scope of work. Very happy with Angel’s Caulking, highly recommend this company.”

Caulking kitchen counter/backsplash


“Angel’s Caulking was communicative, arrived on time and a pleasure to have in our home. Our 20 year old kitchen caulking had cracked and chipped in various spots giving the kitchen a worn out look. They did a beautiful job removing the old caulking and re caulked the counter top. What a difference! I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Angels Caulking.”

Exterior caulking


“Removed old caulking around exterior chimney, and reapplied. Spotted loose siding joint and caulked that as well. They did an excellent job and picked up all the old caulking and left the area clean. Will use again and recommend to friends.”

Interior and exterior caulking


“They were quick to come over and provide a quotation. Easy to schedule a time to do the work and accommodating when I had to reschedule. The work was done very efficiently and they did a very professional job. An inspection was also provided when the work was complete and they warranted the work when finished. Highly recommend!”

Bathroom and exterior caulking


“Work was done quickly and carefully, and looks fantastic. Clean lines all around– you can tell that the work is professional!”

Indoor and Outdoor Caulking


I don’t usually leave comments or reviews but I must this time to praise for the wonderful job Angel and his crew did when I hired him to do work around my house. He is very professional in his manner and his work. He is very knowledgeable and gives expert advices, suggestions and recommendations. He would outline his work process in detail and provide explanations. His quality of work is outstanding and would go above and beyond to guarantee that his work is satisfactorily completed. He takes pride in his work, which is very important because you know the job will be done the right way. Above all, his pricing was the most reasonable and affordable out of many companies that I contacted. Excellent job that you don’t have to break the bank for, what more can you ask. I am extremely happy and glad I hired him. Would definitely hire Angel again and recommend him 100% if you need caulking done, indoor or outdoor. You will not be disappointed!

Bathroom tub recaulking

Jason W.

“Angel’s Caulking did an incredible job at recaulking my bathroom tub, including added caulking around the tub faucet. Communication with Angel’s was great, they were easy to reach by phone with follow up by text, and they were very punctual arriving exactly when they said they would. Not only was the quality of their work top notch, their price point was also very competitive. All in all I would highly recommend Angel’s Caulking and have no reservations recommending them to others.”



“Some areas of my condominium needed silicone and I was referred to Angel’s Caulking. They did a great job. Removed all old silicone and did a neat job. I highly recommend them.”

Balcony repair

Nehme Nadine

“Water proofing/ caulking of balcony to avoid water flow to inside the unit so balcony repair was done. Great job!”

Caulking in my home

B. Brown

“I was having some issues with animals and energy efficiency in my house so I decided to call Angel’s Caulking to caulk my home. Their job was amazing. Very professional.”



“I had some old silicone in my apartment t I needed to get removed and get it replaced. Angel’s Caulking did a great job, very clean and well done job. Awesome job!”

Home silicone


“This company is very professional. I highly recommend them. They caulked and put silicone in several spots of my house. Angel’s Caulking was referred by a friend and I would referred them as well to anyone that’s looking for a professional company. Great work!”

New home caulking

Christopher D.

“Angel and his crew came to do the caulking of my home. Angel was involved in the whole process and made sure everything was done properly unlike other companies I contacted that sent subcontractors. Angel’s Caulking changed and installed all vents for free and their job was perfect. Highly recommend them.”

Kitchen & Washroom renovation

Elina B.

“Great to have them in my contacts in case I need them. I will always recommend them to any clients or friends that are in need of caulking. Their work was easy to schedule, they arrived on time and made sure to keep the space occupied for as little time as possible. Angel and the crew made sure that the area was cleaned and back to be used as soon as possible. The caulking has stayed put and looks to be good for years to come.”

New washroom silicone

Jonathan L.

“Angel’s caulking came to my place and did the silcone for my new washrooms they did a neat and clean job great work.”

Re-caulk home

Maria S.

“Angel and his crew re-caulked my house. They were very professional and their job was excellent. Angel explained to me from start to end the re-caulikng process. I truly recommend Angel’s Caulking.”

Kitchen backsplash and baseboard silicon

Joseph P.

“Angel’s Caulking came and did the silicone of my kitchen backsplash and my apartment baseboards silicone. They were very neat and clean. I highly recommend this company. Easy to contact and very good quality job.” 

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At Angel’s Caulking we don’t just have the skills, we have the necessary skills and knowledge for all your project needs. Besides of more than 15 years in the caulking and firestopping industry, Angel has a certification in Civil Engineering Design and Technology. That certification and his experience is what make us different. At Angel’s Caulking we “Do it Once. Do it Right.”®


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