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April 6, 2018 / By angelscaulking

Silicone sealants are distinguished by excellent weathering and chemical resistance. Silicone is a great sealing of joints in wet and damp areas where resistance to the growth of fungus and mould is important . Also, silicone give also a clean, finished look.


April 6, 2018 / By angelscaulking

Joints are critical to the performance of concrete parking structures because they allow movement caused by temperature change, drying shrinkage, and creep. Whatever the joint type, proper filling and sealing ensures a smooth floor without bumps, rough spots, or voids.


April 4, 2018 / By angelscaulking

Joint sealants are soft materials that protect slabs by preventing water, ice and dirt from getting into the joints and subgrade of your concrete.


April 4, 2018 / By angelscaulking

A firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in a fire-resistance rated wall or floor assemblies. Firestops are designed to restore the continuous fire-resistance of wall or floor assembly, impeding the spread of fire and smoke by filling any openings with fire-resistant materials.


October 4, 2016 / By angelscaulking

High above the streets, balconies and terraces undergo significant damage over time, battered by extreme conditions and everyday use. Balconies in Canada are especially susceptible to deterioration due to the extreme colds of the region. This is why balcony repair and balcony maintenance is so important. Caulking is done to avoid any water penetration .

Block Wall Caulking

August 29, 2016 / By angelscaulking

A concrete block wall, whether outdoors or otherwise, can suffer damage due to weather, flooding, or accident that is why so important to add some caulking. If damaged, readily available materials can fix some cracking in a block wall without having to tear it down and add new concrete.

Commercial Windows

August 29, 2016 / By angelscaulking

With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, you are guaranteed highly skilled caulking contractors to work on your project.

Concrete Slab

August 29, 2016 / By angelscaulking

Keeping water from entering below your concrete slab can be a big help in preventing cracking and or failure of the concrete system.

Polyurethane Foam

August 29, 2016 / By angelscaulking

Polyurethane foam (PU foam) is a very versatile material. Polyurethane is a key ingredient in several types of high-efficiency insulation materials, sealants and adhesives used in home and building construction


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